Fridays are special at The Gravity Group. Nobody guessed the true reason why they are special when we put our teaser up a few weeks back. Friday is our day of celebrating the roller coaster through what we call “Coaster Shirt Friday.” It is our fun (and mandatory) way of honoring thy coasters. Here are some photos from a recent Coaster Shirt Friday:

Larry starts things off wearing a simple Gravity Group button-up shirt – not a ride specific shirt, but still in the spirit of roller coasters. We’ll give him a participation pin for the day.

Chad is wearing a Boardwalk Bullet shirt. He’s had the Bullet on his mind, reviewing some data after Hurricane Ike blew through Kemah Boardwalk.

Mike has his Voyage shirt on. I think he also had a moment of silence today since Holiday World is now closed for the season. Can he survive 6+ months without The Voyage?

Anthony is sporting his Ravine Flyer II t-shirt. It was the first full project that he worked on at The Gravity Group, so he doesn’t have many shirts to choose from.

I’m also wearing my Ravine Flyer II shirt. Is that a fashion faux pas? Or am I okay since they are different styles of shirts for the same ride?

What are the rules surrounding Coaster Shirt Fridays? We’ll save that for another Friday. In the meantime – go get your coaster shirt on and let us know how you’re celebrating this Gravity Group sanctioned holiday!