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Ride the High Five!

The long awaited onride video of Dauling Dragon, aka Dueling Dragon, is now awaiting your viewing. This massive dueling racing coaster at Happy Valley in Wuhan, China features the one and only high-five element where both trains bank at 90 degrees toward each other creating a pseudo-hand slapping opportunity.  Obviously, after watching the video, the […]

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Going Up! – Tianjin Photos

We are often asked, “So what are you working on now?” Well, last year we announced we are working on third ride in China. Not many details have been given about this new ride, so we thought some construction photos would be a good way to get the ball rolling.

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Get ready for the High Five!

The trains are now flying at OCTs’ Happy Valley in Wuhan, China.  This photo was taken before the two sides, red and blue, were tested simultaneously.  The word on the street is that this ride and the high-five element are awesome.  Start planning your trip. More photos can be found on our Facebook gallery here. […]

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Lucky #9 Happy Birthday, Gravity Group!

Nine super years – can you believe it!  There are far more than nine reasons to celebrate nine years of the Gravity Group, but let us try to keep it to just nine. 1. Hades – Wow, what a memory up at Mt. Olympus.  Who knew that photos of what appeared to be random below-grade concrete […]

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Hello Summer 2011!

Now that it’s officially summer, we have some updating to our readers on all of our projects. This year as you probably know was a multi-continent year for our business. With projects here in the North America, over in Europe and also in Asia, we have certainly been busy.

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