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Gravity Group Sends Wooden Roller Coaster Upside-Down

CINCINNATI – For the first time ever, a wooden roller coaster is being sent upside-down through a corkscrew loop using a traditional wood track. This happens on a ride called Hades 360.  Hades 360 opened on Saturday, May 26 at Mt. Olympus Theme Park in the Wisconsin Dells, Wis. The ride features a corkscrew that […]

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Historical Pictorial: 10/2004 – Gee, what if…?

In late 2004, we began posing the question, “Gee, what if…?  Historically and even today our group has always embraced challenges.  At the time of this Amusement Today ad, much of Hades‘ structure was standing above – and below – ground at Mt. Olympus Theme Park.  Photos had not revealed the big surprise of the […]

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Historical Pictorial: 06/2004 – Ramping Up

In our first three years as a company, we landed a variety of small and larger jobs.  We also began our first big new ride, Hades at Mount Olympus Theme Park.  By summer of 2004, its record setting underground tunnel started rising from its pit, soon followed by mystery of what surprises that tunnel may […]

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Lucky #9 Happy Birthday, Gravity Group!

Nine super years – can you believe it!  There are far more than nine reasons to celebrate nine years of the Gravity Group, but let us try to keep it to just nine. 1. Hades – Wow, what a memory up at Mt. Olympus.  Who knew that photos of what appeared to be random below-grade concrete […]

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Golden Tickets, LEGOLAND, and a Little Inspiration

Chad and I recently were invited to be presenters at the 2009 Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards ceremony in California.  The first day was at Knott’s Berry Farm where Golden Tickets attendees and presenters were guided on behind-the-scenes tours and were treated to lovely receptions and a dinner, ironically sponsored by Cincinnati’s own Montgomery Inn. […]

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