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Lucky #9 Happy Birthday, Gravity Group!

Nine super years – can you believe it!  There are far more than nine reasons to celebrate nine years of the Gravity Group, but let us try to keep it to just nine. 1. Hades – Wow, what a memory up at Mt. Olympus.  Who knew that photos of what appeared to be random below-grade concrete […]

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New Racing/Dueling Coaster for 2011 in China

Martin & Vlemickx Rides (MVR) has announced a new Gravity Group designed, racing and dueling wooden roller coaster in Wuhan, China.  It will be an impressive ride with two tracks full of airtime, twists and turns.  This new ride will open in 2011 in Wuhan at a sister park to the Happy Valley Shanghai park […]

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Technology and its Evolving Vernacular

We’ve used Skype extensively on our Fireball project in China where we had to keep in mind the 12 hour time change. A few weekends ago we were able to Skype with a regional event of ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) dubbed No Coaster Con as it doesn’t involve riding roller coasters.

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Recent Chinese Adventure (Part I)

It is hard to believe that I have been back from China almost a month already.  I made a solo journey to Shanghai during the middle of May to be a part of some of the commissioning procedures for the ride. After the plane landed in Shanghai, we were greeted by something new – government […]

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Exclusive Video of China’s First Wooden Roller Coaster

We recently uploaded some video of China’s first wooden roller coaster to our YouTube site.  This HD video shows the ride in action – including an onride video.  Footage was shot during my trip to the jobsite during the middle of May.

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