Now that it’s officially summer, we have some updating to our readers on all of our projects.  This year as you probably know was a multi-continent year for our business.  With projects here in the North America, over in Europe and also in Asia, we have certainly been busy.

the families of Quassy cut the ribbon

thrilling hills

Back in early April we started testing the Wooden Warrior at Quassy.  It was cold and rainy, but the Timberliner train was raring to go. Even the first run confirmed there was going to be plenty of airtime on this ride.  Opening day was a joyous yet soggy day as the wonderful Quassy team became proud operators of the newest Gravity Group ride.  Not only that, but that day, the Timberliner train made its world debut to the public.

Then, a week and a half later at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden, the “Most Twisted Twister on the Planet” was itching to come to life.  Under the eye of a myriad of viewers worldwide, the bright red train commenced the testing with flying colors.  Soon the sky blue train joined in the serious fun that is Twister.  Squeezing this Gravity Group coaster into the compact site considered impossible was both very challenging and very fulfilling.  Surrounding the ride, Gröna Lund did a fantastic job shoehorning an American styled boardwalk amidst their other rides.

a timberliner train plummets down the first drop

the crazy twists from above

twister at night

ecstatic riders

pippin plunge

Hot on the tails of Twister, a ride from the years past reawakened and began its rolling along the rails.  The Zippin Pippin, a ride that we re-engineered while staying true to John Miller’s design from Memphis, Tennessee was resurrected at Bay Beach in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Known for large, straight airtime-filled hills and many safety innovations, John Miller was a legendary coaster designer of the early 1900’s.  We are honored to have continued his legacy into this millennium.

Spinning the globe and riding up the Yangtze River in China, our latest design continues to rise.  This behemoth of a racing and dueling coaster is like none other from its truly unique “high five” hills to the relentless dodging and weaving of the tracks.  Currently, the station is now rising and reveals a very fun end to the ride where the finish line of the two racing sides is between the station’s loading platforms.

tracks everywhere

braided first drops

high five

This has been quite a year, and we are excited about the new breed of wooden coasters made possible by the Timberliner trains.  We hope you had a happy National Roller Coaster Week, and be sure to check our Facebook page regularly for new photos and other fun Gravistuff.

[some photos courtesy of Quassy Amusement Park, Howard Gillooly and Martin & Vleminckx Rides]