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Historical Pictorial: 10/2004 – Gee, what if…?

In late 2004, we began posing the question, “Gee, what if…?  Historically and even today our group has always embraced challenges.  At the time of this Amusement Today ad, much of Hades‘ structure was standing above – and below – ground at Mt. Olympus Theme Park.  Photos had not revealed the big surprise of the […]

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Historical Pictorial: 06/2004 – Ramping Up

In our first three years as a company, we landed a variety of small and larger jobs.  We also began our first big new ride, Hades at Mount Olympus Theme Park.  By summer of 2004, its record setting underground tunnel started rising from its pit, soon followed by mystery of what surprises that tunnel may […]

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Historical Pictorial: 11/2003 – Engineers For Your Park

Digging through our archives, it is great to see how far we have come, and it is even more exciting to see where we are headed.  Each of our advertisements tell a story so we thought we would create a series to tie together all of these snapshots of our company. Our first ad that we could […]

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Gravity Group Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

Zippin Pippin's premiere season 'awesome,' opens with record-breaking year. #TGG #

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